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Meet your friendly team of experienced trainers.

We are ready to help you achieve a strong mind, body and soul!

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Having a strong passion for helping women understand that health and wellness are much more than aesthetics, Eryn has worked as a personal trainer for 8 years. With aims to help women achieve a better relationship with their minds, bodies, and food. Eryn takes a slow approach to weight loss, well-being, and all-around transformations. Fully qualified to specialize in rehabilitation and female fitness.

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Lucinda (Lucie) has been practicing Yoga for almost 10 years. The balance of physical and mental exercise, gaining relief from anxiety and mental clarity, inspired Lucie from a young age.

She has now been teaching Yoga for 3 years, a forever student always wanting to learn more. Although she is passionate about proper alignment and teaching a safe life long practice, Lucie focuses on not just the physical (the asana) but all the other aspects of Yoga too. Including Pranayama, mindfulness, and philosophy where she can.

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Coming soon

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Having practiced for 15 years, Laura offers a diverse class where you can modify or intensify to get what you need out of practice. With a passion for building strength, flexibility, and self-awareness through a flow yoga practice, Laura’s classes will allow you to switch-off from your busy life and enjoy the time, focusing on your body and mind.